Managed services from the largest and most experienced team of EPM Specialists in the world

As EPM environments become larger and more complex, the challenge of managing and supporting them has become an issue for many organisations. With the technology continually evolving and the difficulties associated with building and maintaining the expertise required to successfully support these environments in-house increasing, many organisations have begun looking externally to find solutions to augment or replace their internal capacity.

inlumi will work with you as a true partner, proactively managing the complete EPM layer and supporting tools, while remaining up to date with the latest developments in information technology. inlumi’s managed services are delivered by a dedicated team of specialists many of whom have over a decade of experience in this arena serving clients all over the world.

With specialists located in seven European locations, the US and Australia, there isn’t a time zone we can’t cover and there are more than a few languages we can speak. This linguistic and geographic spread adds significant benefit to our clients, providing a breadth of expert coverage that would otherwise be impossible to reproduce.

Managed Services