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In a number of places on this website, personal data is requested. Personal information is information which can be traced to individuals, such as a phone number, email or home address. inlumi strives to secure the personal data you leave behind during a visit to our website, to process and manage so that your privacy is protected and guaranteed.

We ask for your information for the purpose, on your own request, to inform you about inlumi. In addition, when applying (online) for a job at inlumi, information like name, address, telephone number, CV data and other information relevant to the job is collected. The information you send in such cases will be collected, stored and used in order to answer your request or your application. All information provided to inlumi will be treated confidentially and, unless explicitly stated otherwise, not be provided to third parties, unless this is required by law or by the judicial authorities.

inlumi uses “cookies.” A cookie is a small file which is stored on your hard drive by a server and is only recognised by the server which stores the cookie.

A cookie lets our server record your browsing activity on our site. We use cookies to gather information during your visit to our website, such as your IP address (a number that is assigned to your computer when you surf the internet), the date and time of your visit to the site. A cookie does not record personal information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or other matters which point to you as a person, but they can remember information that you have previously entered into form fields on our website.

If you wish, you can set your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent. A cookie collects data which can be used for statistics about the site, the use of the website – anonymous and as a total rate – to evaluate.

inlumi processes and manages personal data by future, current and ex-employees, customers, suppliers and business relations (customers) in a variety of (information) systems. For these processes, the inlumi privacy statement applies. In case of questions please submit them in writing to our Privacy Officer Ronald Dolfsma at [email protected].

These conditions, as well as controversy or claim arising out of or related to the terms and conditions are governed by European law. inlumi may change these terms without notice. These changes apply immediately when posted on the website.

Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to all services, products and activities of inlumi B.V. and all its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as: inlumi).


inlumi processes and manages personal information of future, current and ex-employees, customers, suppliers and (customers) business relations in a variety of (information) systems. This takes place with a variety of purposes: for example, on the basis of legal and/or contractual obligations, with a view to a (future) employer/employee relationship, seeing a business interest or at the request of the person concerned.

inlumi processes personal data in accordance with the applicable national and international laws and regulations, contracts and relationships with customers, suppliers and the (privacy) policy of inlumi. In the handling of – and access to – personal information, inlumi gives a high priority to the protection of personal information. inlumi treats personal information as confidential and with the greatest possible care.

Personal information is only stored if the processing of personal information for a legitimate purpose exists, which is explicitly defined. inlumi strives to be as transparent as possible about the processing of personal information. Furthermore, inlumi assesses, at each processing, the proportionality and subsidiarity test, which dictates that the infringement on the interests of the information subject is not disproportionate in relation to the purpose, and that the purpose cannot be realised on another – with respect to the processing of personal information for the person concerned – less adverse manner. Stored personal information is accessible only to employees of inlumi, insofar – by their function – this is necessary.

inlumi secures its systems – based on information classification – against loss and/or any form of unauthorised use or processing. inlumi uses appropriate technical and organisational measures, considering the state of the art. However, inlumi is not liable for unlawful access to computers or files, spread viruses or other illegal programs or files, or any other consequence of the provision of information to inlumi. inlumi does not share any personal information with third parties without prior explicit permission of those concerned (and if applicable, by our customer or relation), unless there are legal obligations, such as for example in the framework of investigations by judicial organisations and/or supervisors.

The staff of inlumi respect the (international) privacy laws as well as the privacy policy of inlumi, such as included in the privacy policy inlumi. The Privacy Officer (Data Protection Officer, FG), as set up in accordance with and reported to the Dutch Privacy authority, creates awareness, and shall ensure compliance with the aforesaid legislation and policy. All email messages from inlumi-staff are automatically provided with a disclaimer by which the recipient is made aware of the risks which the share or not (timely) remove the information from the email message bring with them due to the privacy laws.

For the users of the inlumi web site, inlumi handles a Privacy Policy as set out in “Privacy & Cookies”. Information, access and correction of information and right to object are specified in this policy. In the event of questions about which information about you and with which purpose the information is collected, inlumi is always willing to provide you with information and support. In addition, you can also have access to your information, modification or deletion of your personal information which is collected by inlumi, without any charge of costs by inlumi.

Finally, you can object to receiving information from inlumi via different media. If you have any of previous requests, you can submit them in writing our Privacy Officer Ronald Dolfsma at [email protected]. inlumi reserves the right to make changes to this privacy statement.


inlumi has always made data protection and information security a central part of its business, which is why we welcome the introduction of GDPR in May 2018.

inlumi is committed to maintaining high standards of information security, privacy and transparency and for years, our robust ISO-based Information Management System (ISMS) has managed data in accordance with the highest recognised standards including ISO27001 (for which we hold an accredited certification) and ISAE 3402 type II accredited certification.

inlumi will comply with all applicable GDPR provisions as they come into force, whilst also working closely with customers and partners to continue meeting our contractual obligations for the products and services we supply. To ensure compliance, inlumi has already appointed a Privacy Officer, who works with all stakeholders, worldwide.

inlumi fully recognises the impact of the GDPR upon our customer base and, as such, continues to be committed to providing technology solutions to support customers’ GDPR obligations, whether as standard features within our product range or as value-added solutions.

If you have any questions relating to our approach to data protection and security, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected].

To comply with GDPR, companies who have EU based employees need to meet the following important requirements:

  • Obtain consent to collect and process personal information
  • Protect personal data
  • Control access to personal data
  • Provide the option to erase personal data
  • Inform customers of data breaches

Modification of this privacy statement

All amendments will be published on this page. We recommend that you consult this privacy statement so that you always have the content of the applicable privacy statement. This privacy statement was last amended on 13 November 2018.