HFM: Administrator (5 days)

Oslo, Norway

This Keyteach course for System Administrators addresses all aspects of system administration, maintenance and deployment.

Webinar: How to allocate taxes effectively with Oracle

Together with inlumi, Oracle will share how effective and easy allocating tax assets can be with business management.

IFRS Symposium

Stockholm, Sweden

Meet inlumi at the ninth edition of the IFRS Symposium. inlumi’s experts will provide an informative session about digital finance.

CCH Tagetik Days - Benelux

Oud-Turnhout, Belgium

Join us at The Next Big Thing conference hosted by CCH Tagetik, where we will discuss the modernisation of finance.

Strategic Insights: Closing in the Cloud with Oracle FCCS

Utrecht, the Netherlands

Please join us for an informative and engaging hands-on session in Utrecht, Netherlands. Hosted by Keyteach and inlumi, this is the perfect way to explore Oracle’s new ‘Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service’ (FCCS).