20 September 2018
Oud-Turnhout, Belgium

There is little question about what the next ‘big thing’ in finance will be: modernisation, also known as transformation or digital evolution, seems to be on everyone’s mind. Yet why is such a large group still conservative when it comes to change? What are the advantages of using technology to innovate the Office of Finance’s role? And how can your company come out on top during this watershed moment?

Join us at The Next Big Thing conference hosted by CCH Tagetik on the serene and rustic premises of Priorij Corsendonk. Here, we will be discussing finance as a new hub in the strategic process, transforming the ever-increasing flow of raw data into business insights, centralisation data management, and finding the right tech to support your finance-modernisation journey.


Practical information

Date & time
Thursday 20 September
12h00 – 21h30

Priory of Corsendonk, Corsendonk 5, 2360 Oud-Turnhout, Belgium