16 October 2018
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Robotics in Finance

New technology is increasingly part of daily life. We often hear phrases like “visualisation”, “advanced analysis for finance” and “artificial intelligence” going around. Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) is especially attractive and is already being used by leading organisations as part of their financial processes. At the same time, we wonder where to begin, who the stakeholders are, and what sort of roadblocks we’ll run into.

Sandy Boeije, Manager of Finance & Accounting Centre Rabobank

in collaboration with Rianne Selhorst, Scrum Team Lead

Rabobank is a great example of RPA being implemented within Financial Services & Control, a process which Sandy has led from beginning to end. After a cautious start with an RPA pilot, the staff within the Financial Service Centre became fully convinced of the usefulness and necessity of applying RPA to administrative processes. A large part of the administrative work is repetitive, meaning RPA is the most logical choice for improving quality, while opening up resources to make use of the staff’s knowledge. In other words, the robot is taken out of the person.

Will you join us in this Rabobank journey? Learn how you can get started with RPA, about the lessons learned, and how you can make sure your staff will stay future fit.

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Practical information

Date & time
Tuesday 16 October 2018
16:30 – 21:00

NS Headquarters, Laan van Puntenburg 100, Utrecht