19 May 2020
11:00 – 11:45 (EDT)

Data integration is one of the key processes in EPM solutions. Having a flexible, maintainable, and high-performing solution will make our life easier. Over the years, I have tried to use my powers to help the EPM community to live in a better EPM integration world.

Do you want to feel like a real EPM integration solution architect who can go further than simply making it to work? Surely you have a power you don’t know about yet. Let’s discover it!

The goal of this session is to show different best practices, tips, and tricks that can help you to design and build better solutions in both FDMEE and cloud data management. Topics covered include:

  • Mappings, the great unknown
  • Exporting data to multiple target systems
  • Tips and tricks for automation and scheduling and the new workflow modes
  • Tips and tricks for Jython scripts
  • Using the HFM Java API to leverage process management in FDMEE
  • Direct integration with cloud sources using web services and the EPM integration agent, introduction to Jython/Groovy scripting in the agent
  • And more!

Don’t miss it! Let’s make this an interactive KT session where we all learn from each other.

This session is part of the ODTUG Learn from Home Series.


Francisco Amores Torres
[email protected]

Francisco has over 13 years of experience helping companies bridge the gap between their data source systems and the EPM solutions. He loves technical challenges and he is passionate about inspiring customers and transforming their integration requirements into high-quality solutions.