6 June 2018
London, United Kingdom

Get the most out of the UKOUG EPM & Hyperion Event and learn from inlumi’s experts about some of the latest developments in EPM. inlumi will be hosting two sessions: Building A Cloud Adapter in FDMEE And Data Management and Rehosting Your Oracle Hyperion Solution to AWS: The Elsevier Story.

The UKOUG EPM & Hyperion event is a one off, once-a-year opportunity to network with customers, partners and Oracle to gain useful insights into the future of Oracle Hyperion and interesting developments.


Francisco Amores (inlumi)
11:15 – 12:00

We all know that FDMEE supports Hybrid integration. This functionality allows us to connect the on-prem and Oracle EPM Cloud world.

But what if our source or target is another Cloud Service other than the Oracle EPM Cloud? Can we bypass file-based loads? And what if I have Data Management instead of FDMEE — can we have a Cloud Adapter?

In this session, you will learn about the process of designing and building a third-party cloud adapter in FDMEE on-premise or Cloud Data Management (FDMEE in the Cloud). The following case studies will be explored:

  • Hybrid integration between Anaplan Cloud and HFM (data load and write-back)
  • Hybrid integration between M3 Infor Cloud and HFM
  • Anaplan Cloud adapter in Data Management

Don’t miss this session if you want to see how FDMEE and Data Management can be used to interact with cloud based solutions to provide seamless integrations.


John Pegrum (inlumi)
15:40 – 16:25

Elsevier took a strategic decision in 2017 to host its internal operational systems on AWS. Elsevier only had 3 months to deliver the move of their Hyperion v11.1.2.1 System, used for Financial Reporting & Budgeting, from an internal hosted on-premises solution to AWS. Elsevier engaged inlumi’s infrastructure team to deliver this move successfully within a short timeframe with the user experience being equal/better than the prior on-premise solution. Now inlumi are working with Elsevier to deliver the next piece – upgrade the v11.1.2.1 to v11.1.2.4 on AWS.


  • What is Cloud: Introduction to Cloud vs. On-Premise for EPM Implementations
  • Finance vs. IT: Elsevier’s strategic decision to move their IT Operational Systems to the Cloud
  • Key business & technology drivers for moving their EPM platforms to AWS
  • Delivery of the migration in such a short space of time
  • High-level overview of the architecture delivered for the solution
  • Challenges faced and lessons learned through the duration of the project
  • Next Steps: Upgrading to v11.1.2.4 on AWS