28 March 2019

Supporting your on-prem / cloud / hybrid EPM environment
Having supported a large number of EPM clients (400+) over the last 18+ years, inlumi has gained an unrivalled insight into what it takes to keep EPM environments running smoothly, whether they are on-prem, hosted, cloud or hybrid. While the deployment type and indeed the product set has changed significantly, especially in the last few years, the end-user requirements have not.

Everyone wants a reliable, secure, available, recoverable and performant environment on which to run their applications and deliver their actionable insights, statutory and management reporting, budgets, plans and dashboards… (the list obviously goes on). So what are the challenges that end-users are currently facing? What have we learned in providing hundreds of hours of support on a weekly basis to a wide variety of clients a number of geographies? and what is it that you should be thinking of when looking at your internal support processes while planning your future EPM roadmap?

This session will provide insight based on our real-world experience into how best to support your EPM environment now and in the future as you make your journey to the cloud. We will share some tricks and tips to help you avoid some typical pitfalls that are experienced when migrating to cloud-based services, and dependent on the timing, we may be able to provide a first look at what 11.2 will mean in terms of support, security and compliance from inlumi labs.


Vinesh Unalkat
UK Commercial Manager, inlumi
[email protected]

Vinesh is the UK Commercial Manager of inlumi group. He brings over 25 years of IT experience with 15 years specialising with Oracle Hyperion having previously worked for both Oracle and Hyperion solutions.

Co-presenter: Franklin Branderhorst, Managed Services team lead at inlumi

Practical information

Date & time
28 March 2019
12:00 – 13:00 CET

Free of charge